GeoTIFFTileSource for OpenSeadragon

Source code can be found at the project GitHub Repository. The GeoTIFFTileSource for OpenSeadragon depends on GeoTIFF.js.

View local or remote TIFF images - no image server required!

TIFF files range from small to gigantic. Larger files are often broken into multi-resolution pyramids to create zoomable images. This is useful for a variety of purposes, from whole-slide images (WSIs) of digitized pathology slides hosted using a tiled image server, to Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFF files of satellite imagery.

There are many TIFF formats, not all of which are GeoTIFF compatible. This applies to WSIs as well. For example, .svs files (from Leica Aperio) are fundamentally pyramidal GeoTIFFTileSource and can thus be viewed directly with low latency. However, .ndpi files (from Hamamatsu) are not internally organized in a way that geotiff.js can query efficiently, making slide viewing very slow at best.



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